Jul 13

Terry Sole at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Frank's Cafe by Terry Sole

Terry Sole is one of the artists now working from a new studio at Beach House in Herne Bay.  This year Terry has a picture in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London for the first time in thirty years.  The exhibition continues until 12 August 2012 in the Main Galleries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.  Terry spoke to Bayguide about his life and work.

An accountant by profession, Terry has no formal art training, except for two life drawing lessons many years ago.  But he has always drawn and kept his sketch book going for over forty years, documenting places and people during his various travels in the UK and elsewhere.  He has taken his book to Paris and New York and his special interest is recording things that may not last in the changing face of our cities.

Terry’s painting at the Summer Exhibition reflects this interest.  Frank’s Café is near Blackfriars Bridge, London SE1 and is a traditional workman’s café, which has been in the same family for over fifty years.  It is now run by Frank’s son Toni, who liked the picture so much he asked Terry to paint him another one.

The RA’s Summer Exhibition is the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show and is now in its 244th year.  It continues the tradition of showcasing work by both emerging and established artists.  Any artist can submit their work, which is looked at by five Academicians.  If three of them like the piece then it is accepted for the show.  Terry had work accepted in the late 1970s and early 1980s but was too busy for the next thirty years to submit any paintings.  This year the Academy was keen to receive small paintings and Frank’s Café appears amongst them in the Main Gallery.

Terry has been visiting Herne Bay since his childhood in the 1950s.  His first painting of the town was Housebacks, a view from the alley alongside the Divers Arms, leading into Mortimer Street, which was purchased by David Sheppard, the well known English cricketer, shortly before he became the Bishop of Liverpool in 1975.

Terry can be contacted at Beach House, Kings Road, Herne Bay.