Apr 30

A New View – a film farewell to the Pier Pavilion

The Pier Pavilion is no more.  Although everyone was sad to see the roller skaters and roller hockey teams leave the pier after more than one hundred years, there is no denying that the pavilion, opened by Edward Heath in 1976, was an ugly building, known locally as the Shed.  Now we are all waiting to see what will replace it.  For the time being the space will be made available for events this summer, including a Jubilee tea party and an outdoor screening of the film Grease.

The contractors began the demolition work last September, first removing the toxic asbestos in the roof and then slowly dismantling the rest of the structure.  Sue Austen set up a camera and recorded how it came down over six months of changing weather on the Herne Bay seafront.

You can view it by clicking here  A new view