Our celebration will be emphatically in the spirit of Duchamp’s work and ideas. It will be contraestablishment, anarchic and fun. We aim to entertain as well as to educate. The festival will engage our whole community and will run from Saturday 3rd August until Sunday 18th August at different venues and locations throughout the town.

These are some of the events already confirmed. We hope to add more as our fundraising progresses and more artists join in.

I AM NOT DEAD….I AM IN HERNE BAY- an exhibition of work inspired by Duchamp created by local artists and celebrities.  Click here to find out more.

DUCHAMP FILM FESTIVAL - We have collated a filmography of Duchamp’s involvement with the moving image. We are in negotiation with the BFI who are extremely interested in the opportunity to curate a film element to the festival.

THE ART BIKE TRAIL – Inspired by Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel, a kinetic sculpture trail around Herne Bay.   Click here to find out more.

PHILOSOPHY IN PUBS - Duchamp was a writer as well as a visual artist and we wish to ensure that his ideas are discussed and debated in some of Herne Bay’s great public houses.

POP UP POSTCARD GALLERY- Inpired by Duchamp’s readymade L.H.O.O.Q. which he created by drawing a moustache and beard on a postcard of the Mona Lisa, we shall be inviting pupils to embellish their own postcard images of famous works of art and these will go on display in a pop up gallery in town.

POSTCARDS FROM HERNE BAY 1913 – Duchamp sent a number of postcards from Herne Bay during his month long stay. We are gathering postcards sent from the town during the same month, reflecting on the messages visitors choose to write to their friends and relatives, and what they reveal.

READYMADE IN HERNE BAY – It was shortly after his stay here that Duchamp produced his first readymade. We shall find replica readymades appearing around town throughout the festival – unusual objects in odd places, with explanations and descriptions from Duchamp’s writing and thoughts.

DUCHAMP IN HERNE BAY SYMPOSIUM – Duchamp expert and author, Francis Naumann, has agreed to organise a symposium to debate the sources Duchamp might have gleaned from his sojourn in Herne Bay, and which may have gone on to influence his future work.

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