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100 years ago this year, Marcel Duchamp, the father of modern art, spent the summer in Herne Bay.  During this visit he completed critical notes and drawings towards his most famous piece of work.  To celebrate, we’ve organized I Am Not Dead, a festival that’s already generating huge international interest; bringing together world leading experts, artists, thinkers and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

It’s going to be massive for Herne Bay and is the shot in the arm the town needs – but we need friends.  Friends who will support us, with funds. That’s right, times are tight and funding isn’t flowing as freely as we’d like, so we’re asking you to support I Am Not Dead with your hard earned cash.  Put your hand in your pocket and we’ll shower you with gifts, VIP invites and free tickets. Maybe even a medal.

£50 will get you a t-shirt and a free ticket

£100 means a t-shirt, two tickets, a poster and a massive hug

£250 all of the above and suffice to say that the world will be your oyster and we’ll definitely give you a medal!

Without you, its going to be very difficult to create the festival we want and Herne Bay deserves, so please click one of the buttons above and become a Friend.   Pretty please.

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