Art Bike Trail

© Succession Marcel Duchamp / ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2013

Inspired by Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel, Karen Simpson is curating this kinetic sculpture trail around Herne Bay.  An art bike is any bicycle modified for creative purposes while still being rideable.  The degree of artistic creativity and originality or new functionality of art bikes varies greatly, depending on the artist or designer’s intentions.

If you wish to take part please take into account the following : -

• This will be a ‘guerrilla’ installation and that although the bikes will be left at an identified sites and can be padlocked (unless you are willing to see what happens to them if left to their own devices), they will also be subject to the elements, graffiti and vandalism unless participants are willing to put out and take in each day.

• They could possibly be moved round to different sites or participants could swap sites.

• Participants will be responsible for obtaining and customising their Art Bikes.

• Bikes can be as wacky as possible as long as it possible to wheel them.

• Above all Have Fun designing and making them!

If you are interested in taking part individually or as a group ( can just be a group of friends) please contact Karen via email at or call on 07525 832 875,


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